I am starting the new blogging year 2020 with this close-up shot of the Artemisia arborescent ‘Powis Castle’  at my bumblebee garden in Beuren, Germany. It is also the first picture of the new garden that I am posting. The garden was planted in 2019 during the hottest weeks of summer (due to conflicts of schedules), afterwards I was very busy trying to keep all the new plants alive and learning their watering needs. In addition I  was clinging to the idea that I first had to write an elaborate story  with before-and-after pictures on how we turned a grassy triangle into a paradise for bees, bumblebees and many other insects, before posting anything else. Well, that never happened… So my new approach is to blog about the bumblebee garden in its current state, sharing the highlights of each month. I hope you will enjoy them 🙂