As a kid I learned to never let vegetables blossom, because the development of the flowers takes away from the energy needed to grow the future crop. This year I made my own rules and was rewarded with a beautiful surprise.

I planted onions, a variety called “Stuttgarter Riesen (Stuttgart Giants)”, in late spring 2017 and they grew a few slender greens, which I accidentally cut off too many times while weeding. By fall no trace of them was left. This spring they suddenly resurfaced, together with the garlic that also went into hiding last year. In the following weeks the onions grew strong and tall stalks and started to bud. After consulting with my Facebook garden group on how to best proceed (I am an onion newbie), I snapped half the buds off and left the rest intact. This way I can compare at harvest which approach yielded maximum results. This is the farmer speaking. However my artist-self is amazed at the large, ball-shaped, intricate white flowers feeding the bees. I never knew onion blossoms are this beautiful. Somehow I did not make the connection between the vegetable onion and ornamental onions or scallions blooms before. Now I am remorseful when I see the cut off stalks of the other onions, in the name of larger crops.