Three cats: a tabby, a white kitten and a grey tiger laying on the sofa.

Nine years ago Mowgli appeared one morning on my balcony on the first floor of my inner city apartment. He was about half a year old, all teenager with very long legs.

My neighbor was an elderly lady, handicapped in a wheel chair after a stroke. She used to have two longhair cats, but her family took them away, since she could brush their fur properly any longer. She missed her cats dearly, so her maid took pity on her and brought her a young male cat. Our balconies were connected, so he wandered over to my place.

At the same time I was looking for a companion for my tabby Pepper, because my black cat Bastet had recently died. Pepper and Bastet did not get along very well, so I wanted to make sure to pick the right partner.

We decided to see how the cats would get along. When they were friendly with each other, we agreed that I would take over the responsibilities like food, litter box and vet bills. Over the balconies they could visit my neighbor day and night and the cats had company when I was working.

However but sometimes the teenager really annoyed Pepper, who was eight years old at the time.

In September 2009 I visited the family farm in a tiny village in Brandenburg. My mother side of the family has farmed there since 1893. I had walked out the horse paddock, where I sat down for a heart meditation in the beautiful scenery of the farm, where I spent many happy summers since early childhood.

When I was coming back, my cousin was holding in her hands a pure white kitten, maybe 8 days old. I had often wanted to bring a cat from the farm home, however the circumstances were never right. In this moment this changed of course. I mean, if the universe sends you had a kitten after heart meditation…who am I to argue with that 😉 ? On a more grounded note, adopting this kitten made (at least to me) a lot of sense, since the young cats could play with each other and Pepper could enjoy a bit more peace and quite.

Six weeks later I drove to farm to pick the white kitten up, back than named Marlow. A visit to the vet revealed that Marlow is a lady, and since she is born close to Berlin, I named her Marlene.

In the picture above you see Pepper, Marlene and Mowgli hanging out. Pepper sadly passed away last year. A true tabby, he was a very friendly cat with a lot of character. He moved with me from Hoboken, New Jersey to Stuttgart, Germany and shared my life for 16 years. You will also see stories and pictures of him on the blog.