My dad bought this dollhouse in the US as a model kit and my late grandfather did the electrical wiring, made lamps and built furniture for it. However, when I received it for Christmas as a little girl, much to my mother’s regret, I never quite took very much. I liked playing with my teddy bear, my toy cars, crane and digger and Playmobil. Throughout the years, she has updated it lovingly with a keen eye on details, using materials from our former house, only carefully adding new details. When she asked me for a painting for the dollhouse, I happily obliged and chose a single Zentangle pattern for the tiny canvas (square of 2.7 inches).

Dollhouse outside

Exterior view.

I love all these details that my mum put into the dollhouse. She put the fabrics on the sun umbrella and made all the curtains.


Dollhouse upstairs gallery

The upstairs gallery features a fireplace with books and a globe, a rocking chair and the new drawing.


Dollhouse nursery

Nursery with wallpaper from the house where I grew up.


Dollhouse master bedroom

The master bedroom with rugged farm house furniture, knitted blankets and silk bed covers. On the upper left hand side, you can see one of the light switches.


Dollhouse coffee table with black forrest cake

A coffee table with black forest cake.


Dollhouse cat

And, of course, a cat. The yellow fabric used to be a curtain to stop the draft from our front door.