This is the first Messy-tangle I ever did. While following instructions of my Zentangle book, I worried about doing it wrong, messing it up, the patterns did not look nearly as neat as in the book. I was hardly breathing trying to do it right. Than I caught myself doing that and starting wondering why I gave myself such a hard time over an inconsequential, small piece of paper. I took a deep breath, decided to be brave and kept on going. To this day, I kind of freak out while doing the drawings (Obviously I have yet to discover the “Zen” in “tangling”). I never quite like them when they are done. But than I sleep a night over them and unfailingly the next morningI am so happy how they turned out, that I created that tiny piece of art. I think that is because I let go of expectations and appreciate them as they are.

Start of first messy-tangle

The start of my first Zentangle, a.k.a. Christina’s Messy-tangle.