My friend and I used to go once a week to an Italian place to enjoy a pizza and a glass of wine. We kept up this routine for many years. However, she recently became a mother and I work long hours at the office. Therefore we adapted our ritual: I go to her place straight from work, grab a quick bite to go and we head out to take a stroll through the Hohenheim Gardens with her baby daughter. We have the chance to catch up, get some exercise and enjoy the ever-changing scenery of the parks.

During our last walk the magnolias were blooming.  It was amazing to observe all different kinds of people walking around them, with smiles on their faces, enchanted by their beauty and scent. It felt powerful and magical to be connected by the joy of the magnolias, when we usually are so absorbed in our own thoughts without acknowledging our surroundings.

When I took this picture, I liked the effect of how the blossoms seem to float in the air. As a painter I admire how the blossoms are a deep magenta on the outside, surprising with a very soft, light blush color inside.