Between working, gardening, blogging, preparing the move and vacation time, painting and drawing have taken a backseat in the last months. My wonderful husband keeps asking me, if I will pick up painting at our new home again. That is a Yes!  I will have my own studio, so excited about it. Currently I paint or draw in the living room or at the living room table.

So after sharing my cat content, and testing how popular my two kitties are in the world of social media – thanks for bearing with me ! “Mowgli – The Levitating Cat” was quite a hit and Marlene is a heartbreaker, but I will not be able to retire just yet ;),I drew this week my first Zentangle since spring. I like the smallness of the canvas (heavy-weight fine artist’s paper paper, 3,5 inch square), called a “tile” in zentangling, the limited color choice: a black ink pen & a pencil and patterns that one can choose from to make your own unique piece of art.

The limited scope makes it easy for me to start and finish a new tile, even after a long, busy workday and it lowers the hurdle to re-start drawing a lot.  The Zentangles I see on Instagram and FB mostly look picture perfect, rather like they were created on a computer than by hand (kudo’s to the artists !), however mine are more raw and wild, which I why I like to call them lovingly Messy-tangles.