It has been a month since I posted my last on the blog. In April I took lots of pictures of my spring gardens and then went on vacation for two weeks at the beginning of May. During the first week, while at a corporate health retreat at the Baltic Sea in the far north of Germany (close to the Danish border), I kept blogging away, but made little progress as the internet connection was painfully slow. For the second week I traveled southwards to Bavaria, where I met up with my wonderful husband, for a week of relaxed hiking in the valleys of the Alps. The mountains were still covered with snow. Wi-fi was super-fast at our vacation rental, so when we returned from our daily outings by early evening, I would put in my earplugs and to write and edit pictures, while my wonderful husband was watching TV.

At the time I felt pressured to catch up with the four weeks difference of my photos and stories and how my gardens actually looked in the beginning of May. I tried to console myself with the fact that the blog is read internationally and seasons are in different states of progress anyhow. Plus, this blog not a news channel, but figuratively speaking a place to stop and take time to smell (or at least read about) the roses. I like how my blog also does this for me. I tend to get caught up in the well-known work-life pressures, striving always for the best possible results, delivering on time, or even better: ahead of time, measuring KPIs and thinking of ways to improve them…. And then I do take a very deep breath and remember: Christina’s Tiny Urban Farm is my happy place, my play project, my hobby. I write about flowers, vegetables, cats and other things that inspire me. I enjoy the creative outlet that the blog provides me with: planning and tending to the gardens, exploring photography, discovering stories in the pictures I take, writing on a regular basis (which I find very meditative and relaxing), structuring my train of thought, being my own editor-in-chief and art director. So really it is the process (or journey) to enjoy and not some (imaginary) goal to run after.

Once I came home from vacation, there was lots of work stuff to catch up with along with some inspiring full-day meetings, trying to fit a workout routine into my weekly schedule (I have to report back to the health retreat in 4 months), the gardens needed tending, visits from dear friends and mundane tasks like mountains of laundry….

Tonight, I am happy to sit at my computer again and I look forward to sharing the stories of my happy place with you.