On the occasion of my parents’ 48th wedding anniversary, I would like to share with you this picture of them and my husband (on left hand side). I took it during our Easter gathering at the Hohenheim Gardens.

Quoting the official website: „As a scientific institution, the Hohenheim Gardens support research and teaching at the University of Hohenheim. The Hohenheim Gardens’ parks invite visitors to be astonished and enjoy themselves. The variety of more than 4,000 plant species, amongst them giant trees over 200 years old, rare Magnolia trees and a promenade lined with poplars, makes the free stroll through the parks a unique garden experience around the Hohenheim Palace for every visitor.“ In case you want to see more pictures, please follow this link. The university of Hohenheim, with its focus in agricultural research and food sciences, was founded by King William I of Württemberg to radically counteract the devastating famines of the early 19th century.

To me the Hohenheim gardens have a special energy and I feel lucky that I get to visit them often: As part of our frequent bike tours, strolling with my friend when she walks her baby daughter or when my parents come to visit. We also took our bride and groom pictures there. BTW: Said friend also took my profile picture in this spot.