Primroses were not always a favorite of mine, since I associated them with old fashioned gardens. to me their simple flower and traditional colors were boring. However, when I was looking to add some color to my apartment garden in early April, with frost still looming, the local nursery had few options. The beautiful and splendorous ranunculi tried to lure me with various colors, but they cannot tolerate frost. I was tempted to get them nevertheless, indulging fantasies to keep covers close-by, monitor temperatures and shelter them when needed. A slight voice of reason reminded me, that I am quite busy as is and it might be not really feasible or smart to add this extra task, when I could just choose frost-resistant flowers instead. So I walked back to the aisle of the barely noticed primroses and was surprised to discover a beautiful selection of vivid, almost tropical, colors. Some also offered stark contrasts like a blue-white striped variety, that quickly changed my opinion on this genus. I also planted cute perennial purple drumstick primroses.