Planning a flower arrangement, whether on a small scale inside or for garden-scaping, feels a bit like the composition phase of painting to me. You have to consider the different shapes of leaves and petals, various heights and colors, of course.

I was expecting guests and the apartment garden, which is right outside my combined dining and living room with floor-length windows, still looked pretty bare after winter. So I wanted to add some color inside the apartment by making a flower arrangement for the dining room table. I went to our local farmers market and looked around for some plants that I could keep inside for a few days and put into the garden later on.

I chose blue forget-me-nots, red-pink daisies and a yellow ranunculus. I decided to add thyme, with its dark green and spikey texture as a visual resting point. I hoped that the thyme would also add a nice scent indoors, which it did. On top of my selection, the farmer gave me a white and purple pansy as a gift. At home I placed the plants one side (my color palette) and the woven basket (my blank canvas) on the other. I „primed“ the basket with some plastic wrap for waterproofing and added potting soil. The thyme and flowers were placed loosely around the basket in order to get a better view on their shapes and structures. Next I tried out different variations to arrange them. I included the randomly gifted pansy, thinking that it might add an element of serendipity (like an accidental brushstroke that initially seems out of place but most times ends up adding something special to the work). Eventually, I decided to the stick with my initial selection and the pansy got its own special spot in the apartment garden. For the next few days the plants enjoyed their high and dry spot at the dining room table and my guests were smitten with the tiny inside garden. Shortly afterwards I planted them outside into their natural habitat, where they are thriving together with some primroses: blue-white stripedpink with yellow and a purple drumstick variety, that I planted outside.