When I enter the beautiful garden where I am leasing the vegetable patch of my Tiny Urban Farm, this is what I see.  On the right side are three terraced vegetable patches and a sitting place, where we relax and barbecue during the summer. On the left side are two small vegetable patches, a tiny porch, a quince tree, the huge walnut tree of our neighbor, a compost pile, a barrel to collect water and the storage hut. Behind the branches is a local farmer’s field and to the left of the photo is a meadow that is sometimes used to play volleyball. Further down a small river cuts into the valley. On the other side of the river are large gardens and tiny farms with some livestock, situated next to a cemetery and Kindergarten, before one enters back into the residential neighborhood of our town. I am standing in front of the last row of houses before the area is designated a natural habitat. On the right side of the photo is one more garden and then the row of houses starts. Despite the proximity of urban life, when I enter this place, I feel like I step into a secret place, where I feel close to nature, free and grounded.