On Saturday afternoon I walked by Kunsthaus Fischer, an art gallery in downtown Stuttgart, where three men appeared to have just finished setting up an art exhibition. They were standing together, seemingly very much at ease with one another and happy with their work. Personally, I love this special time when everything for an event is set up, that short moment of stillness mixed with anticipation before people and conversation enter a space. It was neat to get a peek at those three standing in the window of the gallery. Next door is a tiny coffee bar, Fleck & Schneck, this spot of Mediterranean flair is always a favorite for enjoying a morning coffee, meeting friends for after-works drinks, or the perfect place for one last drink after a great night out. I stepped inside to get an espresso and saw the invitation cards of the upcoming exhibition at Kunsthaus Fischer, promoting the opening of Dieter Kränzlein’s show with sculptures and “stone prints” the next day. Next I noticed how the tulips glow in front of the wall, looking like a painted canvas.