These roses blooming in the beginning of December evoke in me the image that they are growing along the castle walls guarding Sleeping Beauty. The dark pink color with the white snow caps has a fairy tale feeling to me, it seems magical. Set against the dreary winter colors of varying degrees of grays, browns and a bit of greens the roses provide a much needed visual relief and the promise of summer.

When researching their name for this post, I learned they are called Pomponella and found this beautiful, informative and affirming description of them from a czech plant shop:

“Pomponella is one of the incredible rose achievements by [rose cultivator] Kordes introduced in 2005. It is a floribunda shrub rose from the Fairy Tale Roses series. The flowers are dark pink, fully double, and before they open wide they remain in a peony-type phase for some time which is the most attractive show. Flowers are formed in arching clusters like pompons and are produced in profusion from late spring until early autumn. Leaves are dark green, partly glossy, and very healthy. Pomponella was awarded with many awards and certificates (15 so far), as well as the most important: ADR guaranteeing that this rose is reliable and healthy even neglected.” So even the cultivators of this rose saw the fairy tale connection.

In Germany, Sleeping Beauty’s name is directly derived from roses, her name: Dornröschen, literally means little thorny rose.