It is a family tradition to prepare pots with spring flowers during fall. My grandparents would prepare several pots to decorate the terrace of their Bavarian bed and breakfast. When I returned from New Jersey (where I worked for four years) and started living in Stuttgart in 2009, my dad prepared a flowerpot for me at my childhood home. In early spring, he brought it to my apartment in Stuttgart, where it lived on my balcony. The trick is to put the bulbs of early, mid- and late bloomers all in one pot to create a lush, colorful spring greeting that lasts many weeks. I adopted this family tradition was well, filling all available pots with a fun mix of spring bulbs.

At first, the purple and yellow crocuses appear:



Slowly the daffodils work their way up, creating another level of height.

In between, you can see my two pots with “winter” plants that provided some color and texture on the terrace since November.


Within a week or so, the daffodils start taking over, while the crocus is retiring. You can start seeing the purple parrot tulips that will take the stage next: