The cats are on my mind. In September we are moving to a new home, about 30 minutes by car from where we live now.  Their new habitat will be an old farm house with several floors and lots of hidden corners (currently they reside in an open space loft), there will be a new garden and new neighbors (cats and humans) to explore. They will even have a cat flap and will be able to enter and leave the new home whenever they feel like it. Currently they have to wait for me or my wonderful husband to open the door for them. When I moved the Mowgli and Marlene in 2010 from my city apartment on the first floor to our current place with the apartment garden, I knew it would be a huge improvement especially for Mowgli, who repeatedly jumped from the balcony on the first floor, 10 feet down to the garden underneath. I also learned that Marlene, my white cat, gets seizures, when she is locked into a box for transportation.  Mowgli is a very sociable cat, he has now a very well established territory, visiting the doctors office and other business offices in the building next to ours during the day, and hanging out with his feline buddies or fighting with them at night. Marlene never has been in another cat carrier ever since. I do have a plan for moving day and the following weeks, but I can’t help wondering  (and worrying a bit) how my two city slickers will adapt to country life.