Showing the garden in summer.

Summer Garden

My urban gardening ventures consist of two tiny plots of land:

The vegetable patch

I am leasing a vegetable patch in a friend’s sunny garden. Here I grow in mixed cultivation: tomatoes, celery, salad, peas and beans, turnip cabbage, chervil, phacelia and marigold to attract bees, as well as potatoes, chive, nasturtium, garlic, onions, zucchini, hot peppers, raspberries, kale and brussel sprouts.

Here can you see, how the vegetable patch looks in late winter/very early spring this year.

Take look at its surroundings, get a glimpse how it looks in winter and see the upper seating area, a.k.a. winter safety zone.

The apartment garden

My small apartment garden is in the middle of a former factory. It has less than 6 hours of direct sun, so it is a solid half-shade garden. Only about one square meter is sunnier. This is my herbs huddle together. The soil is littered with construction waste, so I am working mostly with pots and planters. Next to the herbs, wood strawberries are the only other edible produce that survives. But there are plenty of shrubs, bushes and flowers: four hydrangeas (three limelight, one purple and white French), a giant hosta, fern, olive tree (tiny), orange tree (tiny), oleander (not doing much of anything), tiger grass, peonies, a red rose and a pink rose, clematis, summer lilac, garden cosmos, petunias and many dahlias.