Last Spring, I found this dried hydrangea flower above still looking so beautiful in the sun.


The fluffy flowers of tiger grass.

I leave last year‘s foilage a long as possible throughout the winter and spring to provide visual interest in the otherwise bare garden.


Purple crocus, the first dash of color growing from the bulbs I planted last Fall.


Primroses on the left. Ornamental winter cabbage, in varying stages of decay after being exposed to subzero (Celsius) temperatures on right.

Spring is an interesting time, where new plant life flourishes and it is time to say goodbye to withered and decayed foliage. It symbolizes letting go and embracing the new.

This year that holds especially true: All pictures above where taken in spring last year in my former apartment garden. I reluctantly left this garden behind when we moved to our new home in September 2018. I did however take my pots and planters.

While my heart is heavy for the garden I left behind, Spring is the time to embrace the new triangle garden at the new home.